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Are you a writer, speaker or coach who has a powerful message to share with the world?

Here at Creation Publishing Group we would like to partner with you in putting your message in the form of a book so that you can make the positive impact you know you are capable of.

We are a company that focuses primarily on books that are targeted specifically to empower men to live extraordinary lives. We recognize that the roles of masculinity are changing rapidly and now more than ever men need positive role models to support them in embracing new ways of being a man.

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Join Our Team, become a contributing writer for our upcoming magazine. (2016)

If you are committed to empowering men and would like a forum to share your wisdom and insights, apply to become a contributing writer for A New Conversation With Men Magazine.

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Our Services


Full Service Publishing House

CPG provides in house publishing and distribution services for authors.

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media marketing

Full Service Marketing

We offer a wide variety of marketing services to make sure your book gains the media coverage it deserves to insure your books success.

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Co-Author Book Program

Would you like to become an author but don’t have the time, experience or desire to actually take the time to write a book?

We offer a unique co-author program that allows you to become a bestselling author by sharing your wisdom and letting us handle the writing for you.

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Our Titles

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A New Conversation With Men

We only publish nonfiction personal growth and development books targeted specifically to men. Our books cover a wide variety of topics including relationships, health and fitness, wealth, success, spirituality and a wide variety of topics. We do not publish fictional novels, poetry or mystery books.

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We also publish E-book versions of most books. E-books can contain embedded videos and hyperlinks to exterior content.

Audio books will be available in late 2016

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We Empower Men To
Live Extraordinary Lives!

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